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Google doesn’t care how good you are, how bad your competitors are, or what certifications you have.

Their job is simple: to give their customers (users of the Google Search Engine) the BEST results for every search.

Your job is as simple: make sure YOUR site tells Google (and your prospects) EXACTLY what you do and where you’re located, then build more high authority links to your site than your competitors.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Everything you need to position your business as the local “obvious choice”.

On Page Optimisation

Looking for a website tweak (or complete makeover)? We got this.

Boost Conversions

Better rankings are great for bragging. Better leads & sales are more fun, though,

SEO Consulting

Got specific questions about your website’s performance? Get straight answers.

Free 45 Minute Phone Consult

You don’t know me from a tin of paint. I don’t know you’re not crazy. Let’s chat…

VIdeo Marketing

Improve engagement & educate your ideal customers, without a Hollywood budget.

Proven Ranking Process

For over 10 years, I’ve been building websites & ranking them in Google. I’ve learned a lot during that time, and improved my processes along the way.

What this means for you is that your website & your business will be promoted according to what WORKS long term – not just short term.


Web Leads For Longer

Paid advertising is awesome, but as soon as you stop paying for ads, your leads dry up. When you work with a specialist who actually knows what they’re doing, investing in SEO services can continue to generate those leads long after you’ve paid for the work to be done.

In my experience, most local service providers aren’t facing super-strong competition, so great results can often be acheived and sustained within 6-12 months… producing leads for months to years after the fact.


Take the First Step…

The journey of a thousand miles (kilometres?) begins with the first step.

And in this case, that first step is a simple 45 minute breakthrough session with me. During that call, we’ll explore your current site, your competition, your keywords and more.

By the end of our 45 minutes together, you’ll walk away with a much more indepth understanding of what you need to do in order to improve the online performance of your website.

My Latest Projects

Just a sampling of some of my favourite website work.


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Blog Posts

From time to time, I like to write stuff about SEO, website design, graphic design, video marketing and whatever else tickles my fancy.

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Get a free 45 minute phone breakthrough session with me. You’ll walk away with a plan for getting your website ranking higher in Google, attracting more web leads each month.

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