Biggest SEO Problem #2:

No Time to Learn SEO

6 SEO-Boosting Steps You Can Do in Less than 30 Minutes

Fortunately there are steps you can take to improve your rankings, and they don’t require endless hours of work. Depending on how your website is built, you could take action on any of these points in?less than?30 minutes if you block it out & respect your time:

  1. Update the 6 onpage components I mentioned in my previous email
  2. Confirm that your name, address, phone number and website address are?included correctly in all your social media profiles (not all of them will include your address)
  3. Get your business listed in top online business directories such as Hotfrog, TrueLocal, StartLocal, Yelp! and YellowPages
  4. Write (or get a staff member to draft) a blog post which covers the top 5 questions you get asked by your customers / clients / patients
  5. Create a Disqus account – complete with profile image and?website address
  6. If you have created your Disqus account, do a Google search for:
    “blog comments powered by Disqus” + “[your keyword]”
    and leave some meaningful comments on relevant blog posts you find. Each comment will link to your Disqus profile automatically, which is another recognised backlink to your site.

Till next time…

Glen Parker

Glen Parker

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