Biggest SEO Problem #4:

Not Knowing Who to Trust

 The Problem Of High-Pressure Sales Tactics

You probably get hit up with “those” emails every day:

  • “Hey, your website is old and I can fix it and rank it and everything, just visit and click Buy Now”
  • “Hey, I just noticed your website isn’t ranking in Google. We have a gazillion years experience and have worked on every website known to man, so now that you TOTALLY trust us, I’d love to talk with you about how I can sell you something”
  • “You’re missing out on $25 million dollars per day because your website isn’t being found! I can fix it for just $99 per month. Please don’t ask me why. Just pay me. Great. Thanks.”
  • …and so on (OK so maybe I exaggerated just a little bit there)

Funny thing is, I get those kinds of emails too! Great targeting, guys…

Anyway. The point is, it’s become very hard for business owners to know who they can really trust when it comes to online marketing advice – including SEO.

Doing Business in the New Economy

Before they find me, many of my clients have been “burned” by hard-sell, high-pressure SEO and web design agencies. They’ve been locked-in to long contracts and seen little if any result for their money. Often they pay their money, and that’s it! No word from their Account Manager (who often has no idea about the services). No insights or suggestions as to how they can improve their business further. Nothing!

But here’s the good news…not all SEO & online marketing suppliers are created equal.

One of my business mentors said recently, “Trust is the new economy”. I totally believe that. Why? Because without trust, what have you got? I’ll tell you – a business relationship with a very limited life.

So – if you find that an SEO / online marketing company is using guilt, hype, pressure or other sales tactics to try and “close you” – my suggestion is to walk away immediately. Mind you, I would say the same thing about ANY business! Unless you like being treated that way, why would you willingly enter into a business relationship which began under such conditions?

Long Term Business Relationships vs One Time Transactions

When you’re looking for a company to help you with your SEO & other online marketing, it pays to see what their existing clients are saying. Check out their testimonials. Find out whether there are contracts involved, and if so, how much notice you have to give should you decide to cancel – and whether there are any fees associated with cancelling.

Also, be sure to note the kind of information they give you before you become a client. Does the person selling the services seem knowledgeable? Do they skirt-around your questions, or give you straight answers? Are they over-confident in terms of the results they say you’ll receive? Most importantly, what does your gut tell you – can you really see yourself working with this person in the coming months?

If the agencies you’re talking with all seem to measure up, then it may be time to invest some marketing dollars and watch the results. At some point, let’s face it, you have to roll the dice & take a chance, right? Whether it’s choosing an SEO, choosing an accountant or choosing a lawyer, there’s always risk associated with these kinds of decisions. The trick, I believe, is to way up your worst case scenario and just make a?decision based on your research – and your gut.

Still Have Questions?

Our whole approach to doing business is this: let’s start with something you’re comfortable with, based on your current marketing budget and experience, and ramp things up – or down – as we move forward.

So if you’re open to exploring ways to grow your business online, without?any pressure, then I?invite you to book a complimentary 45 minute phone consultation with me. Valued at $105, I promise you will find the session helpful, and I promise there will be no pressure from me to take any action you’re not comfortable with – it’s just not my style.

At the end of the session, you’re free to keep any notes you take and implement the recommended changes yourself. You’re free to give the notes to a staff member or even my competition. You’re free to do absolutely nothing – it’s your prerogative, and I can’t work with everybody anyway!

Till next time…

Glen Parker

Glen Parker