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Google Social Domination

Google Social Domination - What Is It?

So you’re trying to rank your website within Google. You want to do so in a way which Google won’t punish you for, and you want to see results from your efforts.

If that’s you, then congratulations – you made it to the right page!

Google Social Domination is our service for promoting your content through Google’s own social networks, namely:

  1. Blogger – Google’s blogging platform
  2. Feedburner – Google’s web feed management platform
  3. Picassa – Google’s image sharing / editing platform
  4. YouTube – Google’s video sharing platform
  5. Google+ (Google Plus) – Google’s answer to Facebook

This service involves creating optimised accounts for each of these 5 platforms, and feeding them with ongoing quality content – keeping them “alive” and active… something Google values very highly!

Google+ jumped from 190 million active monthly users to 300 million, between May and October 2013


Just because Google+ doesn’t enjoy as much love as Facebook, doesn’t mean it’s not worth including in your online marketing toolbelt.

Far from it!

Google highly values Google+ content and updates, and as a result, it’s starting to factor significantly in Google’s own ranking algorithms.

Google Social Media Stats 2014

How Can You Use the Google Social Platforms?

Google Social Domination

Creating unique, interesting blog posts in your Blogger account can help you provide some quality content to your prospects. They can also provide you with “authority backlinks” to your website!

Harnessing the power of online video marketing, you can create and upload educational, informational, entertaining or promotional videos to your YouTube channel.

Take snapshots of your latest work, your products, your clients or your staff, and upload them to your Picassa account. Give them meaningful names based around your desired keywords, and share them with the world!

All your blog posts, video uploads and photos can then be shared through your Google+ profile and Feedburner account – syndicating the content to authority sites.

Our Approach to Google Social Media

We use an approach similar to the one described above – it all starts with quality content!

Our team of writers will produce fresh content on a monthly basis, and post it to the 5 Google Social Media platforms for you. For your protection and satisfaction, we can share our drafts with you before they’re published – just so you can be sure we’re representing you and your business to your liking.

With your blessing, we’ll then upload the content and promote it through your various social media avenues.

We will use a combination of your own material (websites, product / service info sheets and so on), and our own creativity, to produce high quality unique material for you every month.

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Get Help with Google Social Domination

If you need help with using Google’s social platforms but you’re not sure where to start, why not take advantage of our free 30 minute phone consult? Just click the “FREE CONSULT” button below to schedule your session to discuss how you can use the Google social networks to better promote your business.

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