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Reputation Marketing

Reputation Marketing - What Is It?

Reputation Marketing helps you turn sceptics into web leadsYour online reputation is your “online image” – what people think about you and your business on the internet. Online Reputation Management involves developing (or reclaiming!) that brand… overcoming negative (or zero) feedback with positive reviews.

Online Reputation Marketing involves taking those reviews, and publishing them through your blogs, social media and  other platforms to establish your credibility!

Your online reputation has become increasingly important due to the high levels of connectivity between people and groups – social media being a major driving force. Reputation Marketing was far less important before the internet, because the only way people could share poor experiences was through word of mouth… with extreme cases ending up in the media.

Thanks to the internet and the ability for people to write ANYTHING they want about your business & share it instantly with the world, you may be only one negative review away from having a bad online reputation... causing you to lose business which you’ll never even know you you’ve lost!

Your online reputation is shaped by your interactions in the online world and spans the disparate and varied data about you, whether created and posted by you or others. This information can have a lasting presence online, and can affect your business in many ways.

– Brendon Lynch, Microsoft’s Chief Privacy Officer

When your prospects are making purchasing decisions, there are several factors which influence those decisions. One of the most prominent factors is whether they see bad online reviews, posts or comments about a business (or product) in Google, business directories, review sites or social media.

Our research strongly suggests a clear link between your online reputation, and the likelihood of your prospects choosing your business over your competitors.

Your prospects are heavily influenced by reviews!

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How Can You Use Reputation Marketing?

Online reputation marketing services

It’s one thing to manage your online reputation – it’s another thing to market that reputation!

Actively marketing your online reputation involves providing a level of service that encourages 5 Star Reviews from your customers. Then, capturing those reviews, and populating those through your onsite blog, your social media platforms, your online video channels… and any other marketing materials you use.

Online reputation management & marketing are what we’d call “immature services” – the services are still very new, the rules are constantly changing, and there aren’t really any defined “standards” around how the services should be delivered.

Our Approach to Reputation Marketing & Management

EasyWebLeads strive to comply with the policies of all social media platforms and business directories. We will NEVER use fake reviews, unlike other service providers (besides being close to illegal, most of the time you can spot fake reviews a mile away – hurting your credibility and reputation instead of building it up!)

Our Reputation Marketing model includes:

Creating branded, fully-populated profiles on major online directories & review sites
Proactively capturing customer ratings and reviews via a customised, branded feedback form
Monitoring activity on your relevant social media platforms, business directories and review sites
Reusing those testimonials through other online platforms
Actively engaging in social networks to influence your target audience
Responding quickly and humbly to negative reviews

Our proprietary software can capture your customer comments via a customised feedback & rating form, and convert those comments to images for posting on your other websites. It will also gently encourage your customers to share their positive feedback through your other online review sites, without you having to lift a finger!

testimonial-video-cover2If you choose, you will also get monthly video testimonials created, edited and uploaded to your YouTube account (we’ll create and brand a YouTube account for you if required).

Unfortunately, ignoring your online reputation won’t make it go away – especially if you’ve already got negative reviews!

Choosing EasyWebLeads to help you with your online reputation means you can focus on maintaining your high levels of customer service, and be alerted to any negative reviews requiring your attention. Start building your 5 Star Reputation today!

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Get Help with Reputation Marketing

If you need help with reputation marketing but you’re not sure where to start, why not take advantage of our free 30 minute phone consult? Just click the “FREE CONSULT” button below to schedule your session to discuss how you can use reputation marketing to better promote your business.


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