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Responsive Websites

Responsive Websites - What Are They?

So what do we mean by, “responsive websites“? Simply put, responsive websites are those which detect the screen size of the site visitor, and adjust the site content to fit those dimensions automatically. For example, a non-responsive website will be normally very hard to read on a tablet, with the font size being VERY small, and images too big too fit the width of the tablet or smart phone screen. Something like this:

Non Responsive Websites - Desktop Desktop view - looking good!
Non Responsive Websites - iPad Tablet view - we got cut off!
Non Responsive Websites - iPhone 4 Smartphone view - oops...

You’ll notice that the website used in our example above (just like the majority of sites online today) was built purely for the desktop computer. It doesn’t “adjust on the fly” to fit the size of the viewer’s screen.

Load up THIS website ( on your table or phone – or even adjust the width of your browser window on your computer – and you’ll see it automatically relocates and resizes graphics and text according to the width of the display. After all, there would be little point going on about responsive websites if our own site wasn’t mobile friendly 🙂

Why Should You Care About Responsive Websites?

More than three-quarters of Australians access the internet through mobile devices, a staggering growth of 208% since 2010

– AdNews, April 8th, 2013

You read that correctly – an astonishing 76% of Australians using their smartphones and tablets do Google searches… use social media… do their online banking… watch online videos… and more. As the use of mobile devices has exploded, so has Australian’s buying habits. Armed with a smart phone, Aussie shoppers have immediate access to:

Product & service details (locally, nationally and globally)
Company reputation scores
Online reviews
…and much more than you may think!

Our Approach to Responsive Websites

Features of Responsive Websites

Features of Responsive Websites


As with all our services, we start with an initial consultation to get a better understanding about your business, what you like about current website(s) & what you don’t, and your objectives.


You have two main options for making your website responsive:
  • Develop a separate mobile-site (cheapest & quickest)
  • Re-develop your primary website (Google-preferred)

If you’re happy with your current website’s overall “look & feel” – or you’ve recently paid thousands of dollars for the site you currently have – then a standalone mobile-version may be adequate. But if your website is more than a few years old, it may be time to give your online presence a complete make-over… built with mobile devices in mind.

Easy Web Leads can design brand-new, responsive websites for your business – complete with Google optimisation, video, lead capture and more!

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