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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing - What Is It?

At its core, “social media” involves the creation, sharing and consumption of ideas and information via online networks. So then, “social media marketing” means utilising those networks to attract others to your business – either directly as clients, or indirectly by brand awareness or relationship development (to build trust and credibility).

Businesses may provide information which involves educating, supporting, entertaining or motivating potential (and existing) clients… with the objective of either (a) encouraging them to take a specific action, or more commonly, (b) strengthening relationships with that audience.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media, and by association social media marketing, are relatively new industries. And it is a constantly evolving medium! Just because a business has a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a Google+ account and a Pinterest account does not mean they’re automatically favoured by Google.

Certainly, having the accounts may help with rankings and credibility, but the real benefit comes from regular posts, comments and shares.

Why Should You Care About Social Media Marketing?

78% of small businesses attract new customers through social media

– Relevanza, April 17th, 2013

Spurred on by the explosion in mobile devices, Australians are on the forefront of social media use. According to a recent report produced by Sensis, we Aussies are increasingly keeping social media at the centre of our lives.

For some Australians, social media addiction has become a real problem, where they struggle to be “unplugged” for even a few hours!

But even if we put extremes to one side, it’s clear from many research findings that Australians are accessing social media all day every day, with no sign of  quitting any time soon.

Here’s a chart we created to graphically represent Sensis’ findings on when Aussies access social media sites:

Australians' Use of Social Media

Our Approach to Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing ideas

Social Media Marketing ideas


Today more than ever, Google wants to see that your business is ENGAGING with customers online…. that you’ve got a “business profile” in the major social media sites and you’re using them!

We’ll work with you to determine the most appropriate social media platforms for your business. Then we’ll create accounts on those platforms – complete with customised branding, contact details and descriptions – and post fresh content every month.

Some of the content we’ll share through your new social media platforms will include:

Announcing new products
Offering special discounts / coupons
Providing “quick funnies” related to your industry
Sharing your videos or photos (new or existing)
Offering quick hints & tips
Relevant amusing or inspirational quotes

As well as posting content and status updates, we’ll also manually seek out new contacts to add to your friends / followers / circles (depending on the platform!), which will expanding your reach through those platforms.

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Get Help with Social Media Marketing

If you need help with social media marketing but you’re not sure where to start, why not take advantage of our free 30 minute phone consult? Just click the “FREE CONSULT” button below to schedule your session to discuss how you can use social media to better market your business.


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