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Glen ParkerMy name is Glen Parker. I’m the Managing Director of Rothwell Group Pty Ltd, and founder of

After helping friends, family members and a small number of clients achieve solid online marketing results, I came to realise how hard it was for small business owners to get truthful, plain-English answers to their online marketing questions. More than that, I found myself speaking with business owners who had experienced TERRIBLE service from so called “SEO agencies” or “online marketing specialists”.

These business owners had been deceived… pressured into signing long term contracts… manipulated by fear and  big promises… basically tricked into paying for services which then produced little (if any) results.

As a small business owner and friends with many other small business owners, this unfortunate reality boils my blood! In my personal view, if a business is not offering value to its customers then it has no business being in business!

It was for this reason I started Easy Web Leads – to help small business owners get honest, professional and results-oriented help in marketing their business online.

No more hype. No more high pressure. And no more money wasted on outdated techniques or inferior quality content to rank your business. Just helpful research, advice and – if you choose to do business with us – results which are documented each month.

Leading a team of local & remote internet marketing specialists who are highly-trained, passionate about their craft and even more passionate about customer satisfaction, I work hard to ensure all our clients & customers receive:

  • Superior levels of personalised care and attention
  • Open & honest feedback and advice
  • Timely updates on their campaign progress
  • ZERO pressure or manipulation to do more than they’re comfortable with
  • Results which more than cover any investment made in our services

If we are successful in consistently achieving all 5 of these objectives for our clients & customers, I’m confident Easy Web Leads will be well positioned to help many more small businesses generate quality web leads.

Finally, I’ve tried to make it easy for small business owners to get to know us, and to give them greater confidence in us before committing any marketing budget to our services. Call me old fashioned, but I still believe in the concept of “giving before getting”. That’s why I offer small business owners a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation with us, before they committing to anything else. During this complimentary session, the business owner can get a feel for how we operate, bounce some marketing ideas around, and obtain a better understanding of what their next steps should be – without any risk whatsoever.

Thank-you for your interest in our services, and I look forward to helping you soon!


Best Regards,

Glen Parker


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