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There’s a lot of hype and misconception around those three words – “search engine optimisation”. Unfortunately, this has resulted in many Sydney business owners being confused by what it is, how it works, and why it can help their business.

At its core, search engine optimisation – or “SEO” – means taking steps to get your website ranking higher in Google’s search results.

There are four primary ways of doing this:

  1. Making key changes to key elements of your own websites
  2. Creating unique optimised content on what Google would call “authority sites” with links pointing back to your site
  3. Keeping an active presence in key social media platforms

When done correctly – using the right content, with the right structure & optimisation, on the right sites, and the right platforms – you can enjoy higher rankings than your competition.

In Australia, over 95% of our online searches are performed from Google. Therefore, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to invest time trying to rank for other “other” search engines (primarily Bing & Yahoo).


Why Should You Care About Search Engine Optimisation?

The top 4 positions, generally those considered to be ‘above the fold’, receive 83% of first page organic [free] clicks.


-Australians LOVE the internet. Despite our infrastructure being somewhat behind the leading countries, it’s fair to say we have become addicted to being online!

And our love of technology isn’t limited to the humble desktop PC. With the prolific increase in smartphone and tablet ownership, we Aussies are accessing the internet almost constantly, regardless of our location.

All the research indicates we are searching for local businesses on our smartphones when we’re out & about… and those searches are often resulting in a purchasing decision or an enquiry for more information.

It’s a sad reality of the internet: even if your services are truly the “best” in your industry… even if you’re the most skilled, most qualified company to help your prospect… if your site is not ranking on the first two pages of Google, your prospects are going to your competitors.

But with the right SEO strategy – one which complies with Google’s own set of (ever changing) guidelines – your business website can start climbing higher in those search results. And you can start attracting your share of web leads which are currently going to your competitors!

Our Approach to Search Engine Optimisation

There always new “hot tricks” to get better rankings. Those approaches to SEO can produce fantastic results very quickly – but they rarely “stick”! They may even cause Google to “punish” your website in time.

Instead, we focus on the two most important elements of ranking:

  1. Your site content & optimisation, and
  2. Getting quality backlinks to your target pages
  3. …while testing any new ideas on non-client assets (like our own sites)

We’ll start by performing one of the most in-depth keyword analysis exercises in the industry. We’ll look at your current performance, your top competitor’s performance, information direct from Google and several other sources to?identify the most appropriate keywords to target for your specific website.

If your site was not built by us, we’ll also likely suggest our Website Audit Report to highlight any tweaks we need to make to your site content or structure, to maximise the results of your SEO campaign.

Each month we’ll share our efforts & progress, so you can keep an eye on how things are developing.

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