Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the Most Common Questions I Am Asked… With Answers


How do I know you’ll really be able to help me?

The simple truth is – you don’t!

We believe it would be arrogant of us to tell you that we’re the “perfect fit” for you… before we learn more about you and your business.

It’s one of the reasons we deliberately avoid creating hyped-up promises, focusing instead on listening, performing in-depth research, analysing the results and discussing those results with you before seriously proposing any solution.

Just like you, we can’t help everyone. But if we can’t help you, you will at least walk away with more knowledge & information than before you spoke with us!

What’s the best way for me to get started working with you?

If you’ve checked me out to the point that you’re thinking of asking for my help… fantastic!

I like to take things one step at a time, which is why I offer a complimentary 45 minute consultation via Skype or phone. You can use that time for any topic you’d like to discuss.

After that, depending on what we covered, we’ll provide you with reports or analysis which will help you work out your next steps.

If you believe we can help you, and we believe we can too, then we’ll setup a more detailed assessment of your online marketing situation and objectives.

From there, we’ll propose various options for you to consider – and, with your blessing, get started on the work!

Do you guarantee that I’ll rank on the first page of Google, and / or get new sales?

I’m fond of the saying, “if you want a guarantee, buy a toaster”.

Truth is, that due to many factors outside our control, I don’t make it a practice to promise “first page ranking in Google or it’s free”.

The reason for this is simple: I believe this “guarantee” (offered by some online marketing agencies) is misleading at best, total BS at worst.


Because I may suggest keywords for you to rank for, which have zero to low competition – and yes, I can certainly rank you for those keywords. But six months from now, you’ve got a few keywords ranking on “Page 1 of Google” but with zero traffic and zero leads or sales as a result.

So here’s the question: of what value is that guarantee to you now?

(Of course, it does give the agency a great weasel-out clause when you complain about not getting new business & ask them for a refund!)

Therefore, you’ll find no empty guarantees here. Just a dedication to helping your business achieve the best results possible within the scope of your marketing campaign, and a guarantee of something I can control: my service and my customer care.

If at any time, you don’t believe I’ve acted in your best interests – if you believe you’ve been lied to, cheated or poorly looked after – let me know. We’ll either refund you the current months’ services, or work with you to make you satisfied.

Your choice.

And that’s a guarantee you can actually use!

Social Media

How often should I post new content on Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest etc?

For most small businesses, a couple of posts per month is adequate to keep your profiles alive. Ultimately it comes down to how much time you have available to write QUALITY content – you’re better off sharing 1 or 2 posts per week which are of high quality, than 10 posts which are boring, pointless, off topic or “spammy”. 

Pricing & Payments

How much do you charge?

My standard hourly rate is AUD$150 +GST. For work outside of website development, I price based on the number of hours I anticipate will be required to deliver that service. For SEO campaigns, I start at 10 hours per month because anything less means I’m wasting your time and mine.

What payment options do you accept?

I accept all major credit cards via Stripe, direct bank deposit / transfer as well as PayPal (for some purchases).

What are your terms in regards to payments for services?

Due to the nature of our business, we incur expenses the minute we start working with clients. For this and other reasons, I have a strict policy of payment being made before services commence, on 7 day terms.

The exception is for website design, where we accept 50% upon engagement and 50% at completion / sign-off.

Like you, I’m a small business owner, not a bank, and need to operate on payments not promises. 

Why do you charge so much? I found some guy online selling 10,000 backlinks for $5 / new websites for $500!

Please feel free to use those bargain-basement services, and let me know in 6 months how it’s working out for you.

Short answer: Those backlink offers will hurt your site’s reputation and ranking. Google knows where you live.

Today more than ever, to rank in Google you need ongoing, unique, relevant, high quality content created & syndicated through authority sites Google recognises… and that only happens when you invest time & money (yours or someone else’s!) to do it right.

And cheap websites are never good investments. You truly do get what you pay for, and what may seem like a great deal now can end up costing you much more in the long run.

But hey – it’s your money, and your call.


Let's Have a Chat!

Get a free 45 minute phone breakthrough session with me. You’ll walk away with a plan for getting your website ranking higher in Google, attracting more web leads each month.

Serious business owners only, please – no MLM, adult sites or gambling sites.


Let's Have a Chat!

Get a free 45 minute phone breakthrough session with me. You’ll walk away with a plan for getting your website ranking higher in Google, attracting more web leads each month.

Serious business owners only, please – no MLM, adult sites or gambling sites.