What Happens Next?

How We’ll Work Together…


Well done for making the decision to finally improve your company’s online presence… to make it start earning its keep, by attracting new web leads every month! 

Just to reinforce the message that SEO / online ranking is a long term game, and any successful campaign begins with careful planning and a strong foundation. 

Within the next hour or so, you should receive an email from us inviting you to complete our standard onboarding form. This is an online form using Typeform.com – we’ve broken it up in to multiple parts, and tried to make it as painless as possible for you.

Month One

This will be the “busy time” for both of us, as we lay the foundation for the campaign. This is where most of your activity will be during the online marketing campaign – pulling together your resources and sharing them with us, helping us define what we can & can’t say about you online, and confirming our initial findings as required. 

After Month One, the majority of work is on me and my team – we will need to be in touch to verify key aspects of the campaign and to seek your approval for onpage changes, but for the most part, you’ll be hands-off from Month Two onwards.


Our Actions

  • Setting up all our back-end accounts to manage your campaign
  • Configuring Google Web Master Tools & Google Analytics to track performance on your website
  • Performing a “deep dive” on your current website
  • Performing a “deep dive” on your high-ranking competitors & how we can leverage their success
  • Developing a game plan for backlink building
  • Cleaning up any issues identified with your site including page load speed improvements
  • Optimising your social media accounts
  • Building initial high authority backlinks
  • Creating optimised listings in high authority online business directories

Your Actions

  • Sharing all of your key website information including website admin, server and FTP details
  • Sharing all of your social profile account access, business directory login information and so on
  • Providing access to any articles, videos, images, promotional materials etc for us to market your business consistently with your brand
  • Granting our social media account access to manage your key social media accounts  (so we don’t have to login as you)
  • Providing key business & contact information, so we can properly populate all your new online accounts & articles